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North Rock Creek Public Schools


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Goals & Objectives

Kids’ Rock 21st Century Community Learning Center Goals and Objectives


Goal 1:  Improve both academic and non-academic outcomes for regularly attending participants.

Objective 1.1:  Participants in the program will demonstrate increased performance on State Assessment Proficiency Tests in reading and mathematics.

Objective 1.2:  Participants in the program will report higher levels of social and emotional competency, increased skills in work habits, and in academic efficacy.


Goal 2:  Promote a physically and emotionally safe place to attend and continual instruction to promote healthy bodies, minds, and habits.

Objective 2.1:  Grantees will consistently offer high-quality instructional programming, regardless of content, as measured by the Youth PQA or School-Age PQA.

Objective 2.2:  Grantees will provide high-quality activities in the core academic areas such as reading and literacy, mathematics, and science.

Objective 2.3:  Grantees will provide high-quality activities in enrichment areas such as nutrition and health, art, music, and technology. 


 Goal 3:  Provide opportunities for parents and students to learn and connect with their community together.

Objective 3.1:  Grantees will establish and maintain partnerships and collaborative relationships within the community to enhance participants’ access to a variety of opportunities.

Objective 3.2:   Grantees will establish collaborative relationships that offer opportunities for literacy and related educational activities to the families of participating students.

Objective 3.3:  Grantees will maintain a high satisfaction rate among families served by the program.


Goal 4:  Build organizational capacity to deliver high-quality programming to all participants attending 21st CCLC programming.

Objective 4.1:  Grantees will identify students characterized as “at-risk” and actively recruit those students to attend 21st CCLC programming.

Objective 4.2:  Grantees will engage in the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI) as a part of a program quality improvement process.

Objective 4.3:  Grantees will facilitate opportunities for communication between and among center coordinators and direct staff working in the 21st CCLC programs.

Objective 4.4:  Grantees will maintain a high job satisfaction rate among grantee directors, center coordinators, and direct staff.